Notes on Gabriel TARDE (1902) Economic Psychology

Arvind ASHTA

Burgundy School of Business (Groupe ESC Dijon-Bourgogne)



Preliminary Part

    Chapter 1: General Considerations and Social Laws

I. The Society fabricated from inter-conscious actions. Two major types of social links, one direct and the other indirect

II. Tendancy of every example towards imitative brilliance. Universal expansion. Adaptation and Repetition, two capital problems. Merit and Error of Darwin.

III. Historical Amplification, Example of this law: the relation of metropolis to colonies in the Antique world and in modern times.

IV. Necessary consequence: ultimate unification of human species. By imperial or federative route? Importance of the geographical factor, the spherical form of the earth. Hypothesis of a flat earth, from an economic perspective

V.    From here, the tripartite division of human destiny. The three major phases of the life of humanity.





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Copyright: Arvind ASHTA

Note: These notes are based on my reading of Gabriel Tarde. All errors in interpretation and comprehension are accepted.You may have your own interpretation. I encourage you to read the original two-volume book.

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