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Gautam Ivatury



Arvind Ashta







Part I          Information Technology for MFIs                        

                    Introduction by Raghavan Kunigahalli


1                        Stakeholder Analysis of IT Applications for Microfinance     

Krishna Nyapati


2                        Free & Open Source Software for Microfinance: Increasing Efficiency and Extending Benefits to the Poor

Britta Augsburg, Jan Philipp Schmidt & Karuna Krishnaswamy



3                        IT and MIS in Microfinance Institution: Effectiveness and Sustainability issues

S.Mohd. Najmullah Quadri, Vikas Kumar Singh & Kishen Parthasarathy Iyengar


4                   Automating MFIs – how far should we go?            

Saleh Khan


5        A Case Study of Mifos implementation at Asomi            

Puspadhar Das


6                  Implementing Point of Sale Technology in Microfinance: An Evaluation of Come To Save (CTS) Cooperatives, Bangladesh

                    Abu Saleh Mohammad Musa & Mostafa Saidur Rahim Khan



Part II         Mobile Banking                                                     

                    Introduction by Kevin Day


7                  Predicting the attitude toward mobile financial services in developing countries         Prateek Shrivastava


8                  A Technology Requirements and Governance Framework for Rural Microfinance - an Indian perspective.                                                                               

                     Nandu Kulkarni


9                  Saving through the mobile: A study of M-PESA in Kenya      

                    Olga Morawczynski


10                Could ICT Improve Microfinance Efficiency and Reduce Its Imperfections? Further Evidence from Developing and Emergent Financial Markets          

                    Fredj Jawadi, Nabila Jawadi & Ydriss Ziane




Part III        Online financing for MFIs                                       

                    Introduction by Arvind Ashta



11                Marketing Analysis of Emerging Peer-to-Peer Microlending Websites

                    Djamchid Assadi & Meredith Hudson


12                The Use of Web 2.0 Technologies in Online Lending and Impact on Different Components of Interest Rates                                                                       

                    Arvind Ashta & Djamchid Assadi


13                EDA CapitalConnect: An Online Platform for Social Enterprise Financing    

                    Daniel Brett & Nikias Stefanakis



Part IV        Technical, Regional and Sectoral Issues               

                    Introduction by Glòria EstapéDubreuil



14                The Role of Credit Scoring in Micro Lending         

                    Lilian Simbaqueba , Gehiner Salamanca & Vitalie Bumacov


15                A Systemic - Fuzzy Model to Evaluate the Social Impact of Microcredits

                    Carmen Lozano &  Federico Fuentes


16                Microfinance from LDCS to DCS: Are Socio-economic Differences Important?        Samanthala Hettihewa  &  Christopher S. Wright


17                Information Technology and Microfinance in Developed Countries: The Spanish Case, with a Focus on Catalonia                                                                 

                    Glòria EstapéDubreuil & Consol TorreguitartMirada


18                Portal to Portaloo: Can Microfinance and IT Help Solve the World’s Sanitation Crisis?          Jack Sim & Karl Dayson