Arvind  ASHTA

This personal page contains the following parts:


CV of Arvind Ashta

Advanced Technologies for Microfinance: Solution and Challenges

Link to ordering information on this edited book, as well as a table of contents

Le Fédéralisme Fiscal

An introduction to a doctoral thesis on Fiscal Federalism, (Australia, Canada, India and USA) in French. France being a unitary state with no experience of federalism prior to the European Union, it is hoped that the thesis would be of some interest to the French speaker.

Teaching Handouts

A miscellany of Handouts for students, essentially on Finance, European Taxation and International Law.

Working papers

Working papers available at

 Notes on Gabriel Tarde

Notes on "Economic Psychology" (1902) by Gabriel Tarde, considered the founder of Behavioral Economics

France Now

High editorial content on French legislation and economic policy.

Archives (till mid-2000) of a monthly magazine in English, explaining French political, economic, fiscal, social-security and legal news to the English speaker.


To business schools in France and some reviews